Simcoe Street houses several galleries including the Tremont’s Hall Gallery and Studio Gallery, as well as the  Press Gallery at 65 Simcoe.  The Tremont studios and the Tremont Annex studios are open to the public to meet the artists, to view and purchase work.  Hall Gallery and Press Gallery are open to the public to view the current shows.

Tremont – 80 Simcoe Street
Hall Gallery, first floor
Studio Galleries, second floor
Jane Fleetwood-Morrow, painter Kaz Jones, painter 
img001 kaz jones
Dr. Bill Franks, painter Kate Knox, jewelry
billfranks pod_clasp 2
Andrew Peycha, painter Patricia Russell, painter
image3Web Tish copy
Jenn Wilkins, acrylic painter Dragica Vidakovic, painter
jenn wilkins Dragica Vidakovic
Kevin Maclean, graphic design Bryan Wall, oil painter
kevin maclean
 Kara McIntoch, painter


 The Press Room Gallery65 Simcoe Street
Deirdre Chase

Cecilia Spihlmann